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Draperies & Shades

Graber Panel Track Drapery System with Roller Shades
Graber Panel Track Draperies with Custom  Roller Shades on Windows

Window Coverings and Synergy

Strong lines of various styles of window treatments make the perfect compliment to your windows and your interior.

Want a Motorized Shade, one that goes up from the bottom and down from the top, one that blocks the sunlight, or one that preserves the view while reducing glare.

Interior Images has the knowledge, experience, and product offerings designed as a perfect fit for your important window covering project.

Working with a pro will save you time and money.

Call today to schedule an appointment for a complete window evaluation.

 Product Offerings:

 *  Custom Draperies and Hardware  *  Stage Curtains  *  Solar Mesh Shades  

 *  Pleated Shades  *  Vertical Blinds  *   Horizontal Blinds  *  Roman Shades

 * Cubicle Curtains  *  Solar Shades  *  Wood Blinds  *  Skylight Shades

 *  Shutters  *  Film Shades